All these products are developed and tested extensively by our “Technology & Research” department, known internally as “our laboratory”, which uses the latest technology. We also test all our raw materials and semi-finished products continuously to ensure that our HG products meet our high quality standards. We are the specialist with good reason!    


Our Technology & Research Department tracks legislative developments in the countries where our products are sold. If something changes, we ensure that the required adjustments are introduced to our labelling for example.    


The graphic and layout changes to all our labels are implemented in house, in our own DTP Department. The graphics studio forms part of the Marketing Services Department and produces the layout for our door-to-door leaflets, shop materials, as well as our labels. We also produce all our own films, animations, and other image and sound material for our fully automated shelf information system.   


Each day, our Order Administration Department receives electronic orders from all over the world which are processed in our computer system. The Order Administration Department confirms the orders to our clients, and ensures the transport and invoicing of the supplied goods.    


After processing the orders that were received by the Order Administration, our electronic resource system, ERP, generates production planning, purchasing proposals, and stock analyses fully automatically. All this information is analysed on a daily basis, adjusted where necessary, and processed by our Planning and Control Office - the true nerve centre of our company. They use this information to produce production orders for our Production Department.