Frequently asked questions






  1. What is the difference between Kitchen Drain Unblocker, Liquid Drain Unblocker and Duo Drain Unblocker?
    • All 3 are great problem solvers! Liquid Drain Unblocker is normally used in the sanitary for blockages caused by soap, skin and hair deposits. It is safe to use and does not damage PVC drain pipes. On the other hand, Kitchen Drain Unblocker is perfect for blockages caused by food. It uses enzymes and microbes to 'eat' the blockages away! Lastly, The Duo Drain Unblocker is the professional choice for the toughest blockages in the sanitary and kitchen.
  2. Are the garden products safe on plants?
    • HG algae and mould remover is of course safe on your grass and plants and protects re-growth of algae and mould for months!
  3. Are refills available?
    • We are sorry that refills are not available at the moment.
  4. Are HG products safe to ingest?
    • Like all cleaning products, HG products should not be ingested. Please consult your doctor immediately.
  5. What is the difference between white, brown or yellow beeswax?
    • HG beeswax is a natural nourish wooden furniture. Different colours of beeswax are suitable for different colour and types of wood!
  6. How long can I keep HG products for?
    • Not to worry! HG products have a 6-7 years shelf life!.
  7. How do I cancel my online order?
    • Since most orders ship out the following day, orders may only be cancelled the day they were placed. Do note that once an order has been dispatched, it cannot be cancelled.
  8. There are so many great products! How do I know which is the right product for my problem?
    • Yes, we know you are spoilt for choices. Email us your problems @ and we will advice you accordingly.
  9. Can I buy in bulk or start a business partnership?
    • Sure! Contact us and we will be glad to assist.